Data Fields
comm_reply Struct Reference

Reply information for a communication point. More...

#include <netevent.h>

Data Fields

struct comm_pointc
 the comm_point with fd to send reply on to. More...
struct sockaddr_storage addr
 the address (for UDP based communication)
socklen_t addrlen
 length of address
int srctype
 return type 0 (none), 4(IP4), 6(IP6)
union {
 the return source interface data More...
size_t max_udp_size
 max udp size for udp packets

Detailed Description

Reply information for a communication point.

Field Documentation

◆ c

struct comm_point* comm_reply::c

◆ pktinfo

union { ... } comm_reply::pktinfo

the return source interface data

variable with return source data

Referenced by comm_point_send_udp_msg(), comm_point_send_udp_msg_if(), and comm_point_udp_ancil_callback().

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