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replay.c File Reference

Store and use a replay of events for the DNS resolver. More...

#include "config.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "util/log.h"
#include "util/net_help.h"
#include "util/config_file.h"
#include "testcode/replay.h"
#include "testcode/testpkts.h"
#include "testcode/fake_event.h"
#include "sldns/str2wire.h"


#define MAX_LINE_LEN   10240
 max length of lines in file
#define tb_assert(x)


static char * macro_expand (rbtree_t *store, struct replay_runtime *runtime, char **text)
 Expand a macro. More...
static int timeval_smaller (const struct timeval *x, const struct timeval *y)
 compare of time values
static int parse_keyword (char **line, const char *keyword)
 parse keyword in string. More...
static void replay_moment_delete (struct replay_moment *mom)
 delete moment
static void replay_range_delete (struct replay_range *rng)
 delete range
static void strip_end_white (char *p)
 strip whitespace from end of string
static struct replay_rangereplay_range_read (char *remain, FILE *in, const char *name, struct sldns_file_parse_state *pstate, char *line)
 Read a range from file. More...
static void read_file_content (FILE *in, int *lineno, struct replay_moment *mom)
 Read FILE match content.
static void read_assign_step (char *remain, struct replay_moment *mom)
 read assign step info
static struct replay_momentreplay_moment_read (char *remain, FILE *in, const char *name, struct sldns_file_parse_state *pstate)
 Read a replay moment 'STEP' from file. More...
static struct replay_scenariomake_scenario (char *line)
 makes scenario with title on rest of line
struct replay_scenarioreplay_scenario_read (FILE *in, const char *name, int *lineno)
 Read a replay scenario from the file. More...
void replay_scenario_delete (struct replay_scenario *scen)
 Delete scenario. More...
static struct fake_timerfirst_timer (struct replay_runtime *runtime)
 fetch oldest timer in list that is enabled
struct fake_timerreplay_get_oldest_timer (struct replay_runtime *runtime)
 get oldest enabled fake timer
int replay_var_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
 compare two replay_vars
rbtree_tmacro_store_create (void)
 Create variable storage. More...
static void del_macro (rbnode_t *x, void *ATTR_UNUSED(arg))
 helper function to delete macro values
void macro_store_delete (rbtree_t *store)
 Delete variable storage. More...
static size_t macro_length (char *text)
 return length of macro
static int do_buf_insert (char *buf, size_t remain, char *after, char *inserted)
 insert new stuff at start of buffer
static char * do_macro_recursion (rbtree_t *store, struct replay_runtime *runtime, char *at, size_t remain)
 do macro recursion
static struct replay_varmacro_getvar (rbtree_t *store, char *name)
 get var from store
static char * do_macro_variable (rbtree_t *store, char *buf, size_t remain)
 do macro variable
static char * do_macro_ctime (char *arg)
 do ctime macro on argument
static double perform_arith (double x, char op, double y, double *res)
 perform arithmetic operator
static char * do_macro_arith (char *orig, size_t remain, char **arithstart)
 do macro arithmetic on two numbers and operand
static char * do_macro_range (char *buf)
 Do range macro on expanded buffer.
char * macro_process (rbtree_t *store, struct replay_runtime *runtime, char *text)
 Apply macro substitution to string. More...
char * macro_lookup (rbtree_t *store, char *name)
 Look up a macro value. More...
void macro_print_debug (rbtree_t *store)
 Print macro variables stored as debug info.
int macro_assign (rbtree_t *store, char *name, char *value)
 Set macro value. More...
void testbound_selftest (void)
 testbounds self test

Detailed Description

Store and use a replay of events for the DNS resolver.

Used to test known scenarios to get known outcomes.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define tb_assert (   x)
do { if(!(x)) fatal_exit("%s:%d: %s: assertion %s failed", \
__FILE__, __LINE__, __func__, #x); \
num_asserts++; \
} while(0);
void fatal_exit(const char *format,...)
implementation of fatal_exit
Definition: log.c:314

Function Documentation

static char * macro_expand ( rbtree_t store,
struct replay_runtime runtime,
char **  text 

Expand a macro.

storevalue storage
runtimereplay runtime for other stuff.
textthe macro text, after the ${, Updated to after the } when done (successfully).
expanded text, malloced. NULL on failure.

References do_macro_arith(), do_macro_ctime(), do_macro_range(), do_macro_recursion(), do_macro_variable(), first_timer(), macro_length(), replay_runtime::now_secs, and fake_timer::tv.

Referenced by do_macro_recursion(), and macro_process().

static int parse_keyword ( char **  line,
const char *  keyword 

parse keyword in string.

lineif found, the line is advanced to after the keyword.
: true if found, false if not.

Referenced by read_file_content(), replay_moment_read(), replay_range_read(), and replay_scenario_read().

static struct replay_range* replay_range_read ( char *  remain,
FILE *  in,
const char *  name,
struct sldns_file_parse_state pstate,
char *  line 

Read a range from file.

remainRest of line (after RANGE keyword).
infile to read from.
namename to print in errors.
pstateread state structure with with lineno : incremented as lines are read. ttl, origin, prev for readentry.
lineline buffer.
: range object to add to list, or NULL on error.

References replay_range::addr, replay_range::addrlen, replay_range::end_step, extstrtoaddr(), fatal_exit(), sldns_file_parse_state::lineno, log_err(), replay_range::match, MAX_LINE_LEN, entry::next, parse_keyword(), read_entry(), replay_range_delete(), replay_range::start_step, and strip_end_white().

Referenced by replay_scenario_read().

static struct replay_moment* replay_moment_read ( char *  remain,
FILE *  in,
const char *  name,
struct sldns_file_parse_state pstate 
struct replay_scenario* replay_scenario_read ( FILE *  in,
const char *  name,
int *  lineno 

Read a replay scenario from the file.

infile to read from.
namename to print in errors.
linenoincremented for every line read.
: Scenario. NULL if no scenario read.

References sldns_file_parse_state::default_ttl, fatal_exit(), sldns_file_parse_state::lineno, log_info(), make_scenario(), MAX_LINE_LEN, replay_scenario::mom_first, replay_scenario::mom_last, replay_moment::mom_next, replay_range::next_range, parse_keyword(), replay_scenario::range_list, replay_moment_read(), replay_range_read(), replay_scenario_delete(), and replay_moment::time_step.

Referenced by setup_playback().

void replay_scenario_delete ( struct replay_scenario scen)
rbtree_t* macro_store_create ( void  )

Create variable storage.

new or NULL on failure.

References rbtree_create(), and replay_var_compare().

Referenced by listen_delete(), and testbound_selftest().

void macro_store_delete ( rbtree_t store)

Delete variable storage.

storethe macro storage to free up.

References del_macro(), and traverse_postorder().

Referenced by comm_base_delete(), and testbound_selftest().

char* macro_process ( rbtree_t store,
struct replay_runtime runtime,
char *  text 

Apply macro substitution to string.

storevariable store.
runtimethe runtime to look up values as needed.
textstring to work on.
newly malloced string with result.

References macro_expand(), and fake_timer::next.

Referenced by autotrust_check(), moment_assign(), testbound_selftest(), and time_passes().

char* macro_lookup ( rbtree_t store,
char *  name 

Look up a macro value.

Like calling ${$name}.

storevariable store
namemacro name
newly malloced string with result or strdup("") if not found. or NULL on malloc failure.

References macro_getvar(), and replay_var::value.

Referenced by testbound_selftest().

int macro_assign ( rbtree_t store,
char *  name,
char *  value 

Set macro value.

storevariable store
namemacro name
valuetext to set it to. Not expanded.
false on failure.

References rbnode_t::key, macro_getvar(), replay_var::name, replay_var::node, rbtree_insert(), and replay_var::value.

Referenced by moment_assign(), and testbound_selftest().