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iter_priv.c File Reference

This file contains functions to assist the iterator module. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "iterator/iter_priv.h"
#include "util/regional.h"
#include "util/log.h"
#include "util/config_file.h"
#include "util/data/dname.h"
#include "util/data/msgparse.h"
#include "util/net_help.h"
#include "util/storage/dnstree.h"
#include "ldns/str2wire.h"
#include "ldns/sbuffer.h"


struct iter_privpriv_create (void)
 Create priv structure. More...
void priv_delete (struct iter_priv *priv)
 Delete priv structure. More...
static int read_addrs (struct iter_priv *priv, struct config_file *cfg)
 Read private-addr declarations from config.
static int read_names (struct iter_priv *priv, struct config_file *cfg)
 Read private-domain declarations from config.
int priv_apply_cfg (struct iter_priv *priv, struct config_file *cfg)
 Process priv config. More...
static int priv_lookup_addr (struct iter_priv *priv, struct sockaddr_storage *addr, socklen_t addrlen)
 See if an address is blocked. More...
static int priv_lookup_name (struct iter_priv *priv, sldns_buffer *pkt, uint8_t *name, size_t name_len, uint16_t dclass)
 See if a name is whitelisted. More...
size_t priv_get_mem (struct iter_priv *priv)
 Get memory used by priv structure. More...
static int remove_rr (const char *str, sldns_buffer *pkt, struct rrset_parse *rrset, struct rr_parse *prev, struct rr_parse **rr, struct sockaddr_storage *addr, socklen_t addrlen)
 remove RR from msgparse RRset, return true if rrset is entirely bad
int priv_rrset_bad (struct iter_priv *priv, sldns_buffer *pkt, struct rrset_parse *rrset)
 See if rrset is bad. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains functions to assist the iterator module.

Keep track of the private addresses and lookup fast.

Function Documentation

struct iter_priv* priv_create ( void  )

Create priv structure.

new structure or NULL on error.

References iter_priv::a, addr_tree_init(), iter_priv::n, name_tree_init(), priv_delete(), iter_priv::region, and regional_create().

Referenced by iter_apply_cfg().

void priv_delete ( struct iter_priv priv)

Delete priv structure.

priv,:to delete.

References iter_priv::region, and regional_destroy().

Referenced by iter_deinit(), and priv_create().

int priv_apply_cfg ( struct iter_priv priv,
struct config_file cfg 

Process priv config.

priv,:where to store.
cfg,:config options.
0 on error.

References iter_priv::a, addr_tree_init(), addr_tree_init_parents(), iter_priv::n, name_tree_init(), name_tree_init_parents(), read_addrs(), read_names(), iter_priv::region, and regional_free_all().

Referenced by iter_apply_cfg().

static int priv_lookup_addr ( struct iter_priv priv,
struct sockaddr_storage *  addr,
socklen_t  addrlen 

See if an address is blocked.

priv,:structure for address storage.
addr,:address to check
addrlen,:length of addr.
: true if the address must not be queried. false if unlisted.

References iter_priv::a, and addr_tree_lookup().

Referenced by priv_rrset_bad().

static int priv_lookup_name ( struct iter_priv priv,
sldns_buffer pkt,
uint8_t *  name,
size_t  name_len,
uint16_t  dclass 

See if a name is whitelisted.

priv,:structure for address storage.
pkt,:the packet (for compression ptrs).
name,:name to check.
name_len,:uncompressed length of the name to check.
dclass,:class to check.
: true if the name is OK. false if unlisted.

References dname_count_size_labels(), dname_pkt_copy(), name_tree_node::labs, name_tree_node::len, log_assert, iter_priv::n, and name_tree_lookup().

Referenced by priv_rrset_bad().

size_t priv_get_mem ( struct iter_priv priv)

Get memory used by priv structure.

priv,:structure for address storage.
bytes in use.

References iter_priv::region, and regional_get_mem().

Referenced by iter_get_mem().

int priv_rrset_bad ( struct iter_priv priv,
struct sldns_buffer pkt,
struct rrset_parse rrset 

See if rrset is bad.

Will remove individual RRs that are bad (if possible) to sanitize the RRset without removing it completely.

priv,:structure for private address storage.
pkt,:packet to decompress rrset name in.
rrset,:the rrset to examine, A or AAAA.
true if the rrset is bad and should be removed.

References iter_priv::a, rbtree_t::count, rrset_parse::dname, rrset_parse::dname_len, INET6_SIZE, INET_SIZE, LDNS_RR_TYPE_A, LDNS_RR_TYPE_AAAA, name_tree_node::len, rr_parse::next, priv_lookup_addr(), priv_lookup_name(), remove_rr(), rrset_parse::rr_first, rrset_parse::rrset_class, rr_parse::ttl_data, and rrset_parse::type.

Referenced by scrub_sanitize().