Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCacl_addrAn address span with access control information
oCacl_listAccess control storage structure
oCaddr_tree_nodeTree of IP addresses
oCalgo_needsStorage for algorithm needs
oCalloc_cacheStructure that provides allocation
oCautr_global_dataAutotrust global metadata
oCautr_point_dataAutotrust metadata for a trust point
oCautr_taAutotrust metadata for one trust anchor key
oCcanon_rrRR entries in a canonical sorted tree of RRs
oCce_responseClosest encloser (ce) proof results Contains the ce and the next-closer (nc) proof
oCcodelineThe allocation statistics block
oCcomm_baseA communication point dispatcher
oCcomm_pointCommunication point to the network These behaviours can be accomplished by setting the flags and passing return values from the callback
oCcomm_replyReply information for a communication point
oCcomm_signalStructure only for signal events
oCcomm_timerStructure only for making timeout events
oCcompress_tree_nodeData structure to help domain name compression in outgoing messages
oCconfig_collate_argCollate func arg
oCconfig_fileThe configuration options
oCconfig_parser_stateUsed during options parsing
oCconfig_str2listList of two strings for config options
oCconfig_strlistList of strings for config options
oCconfig_strlist_headList head for strlist processing, used for append operation
oCconfig_stubStub config options
oCctx_queryThe queries outstanding for the libunbound resolver
oCdaemonStructure holding worker list
oCdaemon_remoteThe remote control tool state
oCdel_infoLocal info for deletion functions
oCdelegptDelegation Point
oCdelegpt_addrAddress of target nameserver in delegation point
oCdelegpt_nsNameservers for a delegation point
oCdns64_envThis structure contains module configuration information
oCdns_msgRegion allocated message reply
oCdomain_limit_dataRatelimit settings for domains
oCedns_dataEDNS data storage EDNS rdata is ignored
oCentryData structure to keep the canned queries in
oCext_thr_infoStruct for extended thread info
oCfake_pendingPending queries to network, fake replay version
oCfake_timerTimers with callbacks, fake replay version
oCinfra_argStructure for argument data for dump infra host
oCinfra_cacheInfra cache
oCinfra_dataHost information encompasses host capabilities and retransmission timeouts
oCinfra_keyHost information kept for every server, per zone
oCinternal_baseInternal base structure, so that every thread has its own events
oCinternal_eventThe internal event structure for keeping libevent info for the event
oCinternal_signalInternal signal structure, to store signal event in
oCinternal_timerInternal timer structure, to store timer event in
oCip_listList of IP addresses
oCiter_donotqIterator donotqueryaddresses structure
oCiter_envGlobal state for the iterator
oCiter_forward_zoneIterator forward servers for a particular zone
oCiter_forwardsIterator forward zones structure
oCiter_hintsIterator hints structure
oCiter_hints_stubIterator hints for a particular stub
oCiter_prep_listList of prepend items
oCiter_privIterator priv structure
oCiter_qstatePer query state for the iterator module
oCkey_cacheKey cache
oCkey_entry_dataKey entry for the validator
oCkey_entry_keyA key entry for the validator
oCkeysetsKey settings
oClibworkerThe library-worker status structure Internal to the worker
oClisten_dnsportListening for queries structure
oClisten_listSingle linked list to store event points
oClisten_portSingle linked list to store shared ports that have been opened for use by all threads
oClocal_dataLocal data
oClocal_rrsetA local data RRset
oClocal_zoneLocal zone
oClocal_zonesAuthoritative local zones storage, shared
oClock_refReference to a lock in a rbtree set
oClookinfoResult list for the lookups
oClruhashHash table that keeps LRU list of entries
oClruhash_binA single bin with a linked list of entries in it
oClruhash_entryAn entry into the hash table
oCmesh_areaMesh of query states
oCmesh_cbCallback to result routine
oCmesh_replyReply to a client
oCmesh_stateA mesh query state Unique per qname, qtype, qclass (from the qstate)
oCmesh_state_refRbtree reference to a mesh_state
oCmodule_envModule environment
oCmodule_func_blockModule functionality block
oCmodule_qstateModule state, per query
oCmodule_stackStack of modules
oCmsg_parseData stored in scratch pad memory during parsing
oCmsgreply_entryStructure to keep hash table entry for message replies
oCname_tree_nodeTree of domain names
oCnsec3_cached_hashThe NSEC3 hash result storage
oCnsec3_filterFilter conditions for NSEC3 proof Used to iterate over the applicable NSEC3 RRs
oCorder_idKeep track of lock id in lock-verify application
oCoutbound_entryOutbound list entry
oCoutbound_listThe outbound list
oCoutside_networkSend queries to outside servers and wait for answers from servers
oCpacked_rrsetAn RRset can be represented using both key and data together
oCpacked_rrset_dataRRset data
oCpacked_rrset_keyThe identifying information for an RRset
oCpacked_rrset_listList of packed rrsets
oCpendingA query that has an answer pending for it
oCpending_tcpPending TCP query to server
oCperfinfoGlobal info for perf
oCperfioI/O port for perf
oCport_commOutgoing commpoint for UDP port
oCport_ifOutgoing interface
oCproxyList of proxy fds that return replies from the server to our clients
oCpythonmod_envGlobal state for the module
oCpythonmod_qstatePer query state for the iterator module
oCquery_infoStructure to store query information that makes answers to queries different
oCrate_dataData for ratelimits per domain name It is incremented when a non-cache-lookup happens for that domain name
oCrate_keyKey for ratelimit lookups, a domain name
oCratelimit_list_argStruct for user arg ratelimit list
oCrbnode_tThe rbnode_t struct definition
oCrbtree_tDefinition for tree struct
oCrc_stateBusy control command connection, SSL state
oCregionalRegional* is the first block*
oCreplay_answerAn answer that is pending to happen
oCreplay_momentA replay moment
oCreplay_rangeRange of timesteps, and canned replies to matching queries
oCreplay_runtimeReplay storage of runtime information
oCreplay_scenarioA replay scenario
oCreplay_varReplay macro variable
oCreply_infoStructure to store DNS query and the reply packet
oCreply_packetStruct to keep a linked list of reply packets for a query
oCringbufThe ring buffer
oCrr_parseData stored for an RR during parsing
oCrrset_cacheThe rrset cache Thin wrapper around hashtable, like a typedef
oCrrset_parseData stored for an rrset during parsing
oCrrset_refInformation to reference an rrset
oCrtt_infoRTT information
oCserver_statsPer worker statistics
oCservice_callbackCallback to party interested in serviced query results
oCserviced_queryQuery service record
oCslab_test_thrStructure to threaded test the lru hash table
oCslabhashHash table formed from several smaller ones
oCslabhash_testdataTest structure contains test data
oCslabhash_testkeyTest structure contains test key
oCsldns_bufferImplementation of buffers to ease operations
oCsldns_file_parse_stateWire parse state for parsing files
oCsldns_struct_lookup_tableA general purpose lookup table
oCsldns_struct_rr_descriptorContains all information about resource record types
oCsock_listLinked list of sockaddrs May be allocated such that only 'len' bytes of addr exist for the structure
oCstats_infoStatistics to send over the control pipe when asked This struct is made to be memcpied, sent in binary
oCta_keyTrust anchor key
oCtcp_proxyList of TCP proxy fd pairs to TCP connect client to server
oCtcp_send_listAn item that has to be TCP relayed
oCtest_thrStructure to threaded test the lru hash table
oCth_buckBucket of time history information
oCtimehistKeep histogram of time values
oCtrack_idKeeping track of the async ids
oCtrust_anchorA trust anchor in the trust anchor store
oCtubeA pipe
oCtube_res_listList of results (arbitrary command serializations) to write back
oCub_ctxThe context structure
oCub_packed_rrset_keyThis structure contains an RRset
oCub_resultThe validation and resolution results
oCval_anchorsTrust anchor store
oCval_envGlobal state for the validator
oCval_neg_cacheThe negative cache
oCval_neg_dataData element for aggressive negative caching
oCval_neg_zonePer Zone aggressive negative caching data
oCval_qstatePer query state for the validator module
oCwaiting_tcpQuery waiting for TCP buffer
oCworkerStructure holding working information for unbound
\Cxml_dataXML parse private data during the parse